That Evening (Emptiness)

A broken street-light
Fl i    ckering
A broken white chair
Just about to
I stood there
Holding the many pieces of my heart
Some fell and rolled into the dusty corners of that archway
Its ceiling was burnt black
Just like my heart
The light, it was quickly fading
The shadows, increasing
Overwhelming, over-powering
I was scared
And you walked in
I wasn’t prepared
For that dazzling, confident smile of yours
And the darkness vanished
You stood there
And watched as I tried to reassemble myself
I took a step towards you,
But the load on my shoulders crumbled
You watched; smiling.
For that moment your eyes locked onto mine
For that moment you were mine, mine
I crawled towards you, I’d made you my refuge
Whilst the deluge
Of many memories, my past
Nearly washed me away
But I held strong
Thought I trembled, quivering like a leaf in a thunderstorm
You taught me to hope
I reached, I reached out to touch you
You shimmered and vanished
A mirage in the desert
You left me thirsting
I looked around
I couldn’t find you
Behind, the shadows began creeping towards me again
Ahead, was the path, it was dark
And then I saw your silhouette
You walked towards the darkness,
Boldly, with confidence, never missing your step
Holding the light I wanted, needed so desperately in your hands
I’m trying to follow you
Do you understand?
Mother said,
Some come for a reason,
Some come for a season
I still don’t know why you came
And left so quickly
I’m still rooted here, though
Unsure of myself
For some reason unknown to my conscious mind
I believe you will come back
I call out your name
All I hear is the echo of silence

Photo Credits : Cheri Lucas Rowlands

The Hallways of My Mind / Emptiness (Photo Credits : Cheri Lucas Rowlands)

28 thoughts on “That Evening (Emptiness)

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  4. Inspiration like friendship, comes in many forms. This is a beautiful poem. It’s amazing how a seemingly stark passage can evoke such a myriad of creative ideas, but that is the same with friendship. Just let it be what it’s meant to be. Enjoy the ride. And appreciate everyone who comes along.


    • Yes, how very true your words are! Though sometimes one can’t help but ponder about how some acquaintances and friendships that leave such a long and lasting impact… My friend was an angel in disguise, he taught me how to smile. Appreciation, most definitely! I believe we have a lesson to learn from one and all (:
      Thank you for reading. I am grateful!


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  12. It is beautiful. Im at a loss of words. Sometimes I wish I had the power like you to speak out my feelings. Keep writing, you’re doing great :D
    Love you :)


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