50-Word Stories #3

Squatting on the concrete near the gutter, she scrubbed steel plates.
She watched her son float newspaper boats down the grey, filthy waters, amidst soapy suds and clumps of hair.
One boat drowned, the other crashed on shards of glass.
She tried stopping the tears from her eyes in vain.


7 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #3

  1. Came a checkin’ on you – – hoping all is well. This is fabulous!! But it’s been over a week since you’ve shown up in my reader so hopefully you’re hard at work about to post something new and terrific, as usual.


  2. This reminds me of a film I shouldn’t have seen. Well, I saw It partly. Okay, I admit, I saw only saw the first half hour or so. It was too scary for me. Still, great piece of work, girl.


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