Our Conversation.

Words spoken worth tuppence
A fa├žade of pretence
My only defence;

Million thoughts condense
Into one moment of –
Deafening silence

… The usual sequence.


One Infinite Moment

Your skin –
Brown, brown like the soil of the earth
Rich and fertile; stretched taut over strong muscle weaved together
Epitome of support and stability, embodiment of strength,
The very essence of life itself.
Your soul as ancient and old as the soul of the earth
The wisdom of a million years…
Your secrets buried deep in your skin
Your beautiful scars, each with a legend of its own
Your dark skin, like the earth; my life-giver.

Your skin lays against mine;
Pale, white,
Translucent like starlight
White as the moon in the dark night
Fair, fair, as the fair clouds in blue deep
Liquid and flowing like the foam spray on sea
Soft, innocent as a shy lily bud
Fragile and delicate; but free as the air
Pale white and sublime, I teach you life without care.

You are permanent.
I am ever-changing.
You are constant.
I am dynamic.
You are resolute.
I am free-spirited.
You are practical.
I am spontaneous.
You are grounded.
I am versatile.
You build and create.
I give life.

We reach out to touch each other, to teach each other
The inches between us like miles of hollow space
I reach out to touch your face
Bracing for the shattering impact
We embrace each other at arm’s length –
Distance makes the heart grow closer.
You look away; and turn to look at me again
Pushing past all our boundaries, breaking through the last impossible barriers
Stars in our eyes,
Hearts beat rapidly.
My hand in yours is milky dew fresh on wet, fragrant earth…

The patient wait of an eternity is in one moment captured,
Erased is our past, behold the future..?

For one moment, our lips touch
For one moment –

So close, yet so far…

When we meet, the earth and sky greet –
For what is one without the other?


You, Sunshine.

A solitary white orb gracefully melts at crack of dawn –
Wisps of clouds swirl, a giddying delight of shadow and light
The muted silhouette of the sun rises silently
A delicate, fragrant zephyr cools my face
Rays of the sun reach out and warms my soul.
The sweet dark night sky has played its part,
The frost of night no longer chills my heart.
The darkness vanishes and this time the nightmares stay behind.
I embrace the glow, my old friend now I find.
Now I understand the purpose of night –
If not for the dusk how would I have ever found you, my light?
Your touch lingers on my skin.
Your smile is etched in my mind.
Your kiss renews me with strength.
The look in your eyes,
The tremor in your voice
Tells me all I needed to know.
A pregnant pause, a wistful sigh,
Heavy eyes greet the azure sky.
The pain fades, the hurt I shun;
Slowly, I turn my face to the rising sun,
To let the sunshine kiss my face.

Do you understand why I call you Sunshine?
Yes, you, you dispelled the darkness.