Wishes (2)

Let me explore the deep black skies in your eyes
Let me run wild on the great plains of your chest
Let me marvel at your rough, strong hands
and their many million stories to tell.
I will take you to a place where you can heave your sighs of relief
I will take your fears and give them wings and we will watch them fly away
I will summon the oceans of time and you will take your past, we will tie it up with
twine and bind it with hope and drown your insecurities
We will dip our feet, sitting at the shores, kissed by the suns of promise, and we will laugh
My love, what lies beyond the mountains of midnight, I do not know –
Perhaps those treacherous marshes of hope, optimism, and the wastelands of Tomorrow.
But I will hold the guiding lamp as we wade through the mists of Sleep.
I will rock your head gently in my palms
I will sink into your embrace and hear your heart roar with agony with the memories of how it shuddered, with each step you took, parched, as you walked through the mirage of Love
I will silence the amplifying echoes of your heart break and I will banish the memories of pain
I will rule in your heart, and I will hold your hand in mine.
We will leave behind the mundane, the monotonous.
I will walk your miles with you
Let me drown in your eyes…
Let me love you.
I know you are running out of breath, I know you are scared to death,
But darling, I wish
I wish
You would let me hold you, and
Love you



You merry minx.
You’re so inviting,
So seductive
Your raven locks
Windblown – falls softly across your fair face
Your sparkling black eyes
Bewitch any beholder
Portals void of light
Where all is silent, all is quiet, save for
Your musical laughter, which brings my pounding, erratic, tired heart to a standstill
Clad in black
You’re so enticing
Softly you stalk me, an unsuspecting victim
With promises of paradise…
You make me want to collapse in your embrace
Take in your heady scent
And shut my heavy eyes
Surrendering to your charms in entirety.